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12 Service-Based Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start

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Service-Based Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start

Starting a service-based business can be a great way to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Service businesses typically require lower startup costs compared to product companies. You don’t need a lot of inventory or significant upfront investments in R&D and manufacturing.

With some expertise and effort, you can get a service business up and running relatively quickly. Here are 12 service-based business ideas that are easy to start:

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative, technical, or creative support services to clients remotely. As a VA, you can offer services like calendar management, email management, data entry, customer service, graphic design, social media management, and more.

The startup costs are low. You just need a computer, internet connection, phone, and any software your services require. No specific degree is necessary, but organization, communication skills, and knowledge of online tools and software is key.

2. Bookkeeping

Every business needs help managing their finances and bookkeeping. With some training in accounting basics and bookkeeping software, you can start a bookkeeping service. Your services can include tasks like reconciling accounts, processing payments, tracking income and expenses, payroll, and producing financial statements.

Most of your work will be remote. So your major startup costs are a computer, accounting software, training and certifications like a bookkeeping certificate.

3. Social Media Management

An affordable and flexible business to start is offering social media management services to brands and businesses. Your services can include content creation, developing and implementing posting schedules, community management, ad management, analytics, and reporting.

You need strong knowledge of major social platforms and influencing skills. Other startup needs are just a laptop, social media management tools like Hootsuite, and creative software.

4. Graphic Design

If you have creative skills in visual communication and design software proficiency, consider starting a freelance graphic design business. You can provide services like logo design, branding materials, marketing collateral, UI design, packaging, and more across print and digital mediums.

The main requirements are graphic design training, a portfolio, a computer, design software like Adobe Creative Cloud, and the ability to meet client needs.

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5. Web Design and Development

Every business today needs a website. With web design skills and knowledge of sites like WordPress and tools like Elementor, you can easily start a web design business to serve small business owners. Your services can include site design, development, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

You’ll need proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web design principles and ability to understand client requirements. Other startup needs are just a computer and web design software.

6. Resume Writing

With expertise in presenting career histories and skills effectively, you can start a resume writing and career development service. Your offerings can include professionally written resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, and career coaching.

The main requirements are exceptional writing skills and knowledge of modern resume best practices. Software needs are just word processing/design software and applicant tracking system knowledge.

7. Freelance Writing

Strong writing skills are valuable for any business looking for quality website content, blog posts, press releases, newsletters, social media content, and more. After building a writing portfolio and skills in SEO and digital media, you can offer your services as a freelance writer across industries.

With just a computer and writing samples, you can get started. Specialize in an industry like tech, healthcare, or business to command higher rates.

8. Translation Services

If you’re fluent in multiple languages, start a freelance translation service. You can offer document translation, interpretation, localization, and content translation services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and non-profits.

Most of your work will happen online. So you just need computer skills, linguistic proficiency in your working languages, and good concentration.

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9. Business Consulting

Leverage your business experience and knowledge to help startups, small businesses, and enterprises with consulting services like operations optimization, HR processes, marketing plans, strategic planning, and more.

You need extensive expertise in your specialty like human resources, marketing, or lean operations. Certifications can help build credibility. Other than a computer, no major capital expenses are required.

10. Personal Training

The fitness industry continues to grow. You can tap into this demand by offering your services as a personal trainer, helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. You can provide customized workout plans, one-on-one or small group training sessions, and nutritional guidance online or in-person.

You will need certifications like an ACE PT certificate, fitness equipment, liability insurance, and ability to work individually with clients. Low startup costs make this an accessible business to get started.

11. Event Planning Services

If you have strong organizational and planning skills, starting an event planning business can be a lucrative opportunity. Many individuals and organizations need assistance in planning and coordinating events such as weddings, parties, conferences, and corporate events.

You can offer a range of services including venue selection, vendor management, budgeting, and on-site coordination. To get started, create a portfolio showcasing successful events you have planned and leverage your network to find clients.

12. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Services

With pet ownership on the rise, there is a growing demand for pet sitting and dog walking services. If you are an animal lover and have experience with pets, starting a pet-sitting or dog-walking business can be a great option.

You can offer services such as pet sitting during vacations, daily dog walking for busy pet owners, and basic pet care visits. Start by offering your services to friends, family, and neighbors, and gradually expand your client base through referrals and online marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Service businesses are easier to start than product companies, requiring lower capital investment. You don’t need extensive infrastructure or inventory.
  • Focus on providing services based on your skills and expertise. Options like virtual assistance, bookkeeping, writing, web services, consulting, and training make great solo service businesses.
  • Common startup needs are a computer, specialized software or tools, relevant certifications, and offering services based on proven skills.
  • With proper planning and execution, you can start a lean service business and steadily grow your clientele and offerings at lower risk.
  • Always research the target market, industry trends, and ideal client profile before choosing a service business idea to start.

Starting a service business allows you to turn your skills and expertise into an income source. With low startup costs and the ability to operate remotely, lucrative opportunities exist for aspiring service entrepreneurs to help other businesses succeed while growing their own ventures. Learn here more about business ideas and tips.