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Boring Business Ideas to Start in 2023 (15 Ideas)

Boring Business Ideas

Boring Business Ideas

With the new year upon us, many entrepreneurs are looking for new business ideas to pursue in 2023. While exciting and innovative ideas can seem appealing, sometimes starting a boring business can actually lead to success.

Boring businesses tend to face less competition, have reliable demand, and require less capital to launch. In this blog post, we’ll explore some boring yet practical business ideas that you can start in 2023. But first let’s talk about why start boring business ideas.

Why start a boring business?

While a boring business may not have the appeal and thrill of a cutting-edge startup, there are some solid advantages to pursuing a tried-and-true, established business idea:

1. Lower startup costs – Since the business model is straightforward and existing, costs of launching tend to be reasonable. Less trial and error is needed.

2. Steady, reliable demand – Boring businesses provide services that recurringly generate revenue, avoiding fickle customer preferences.

3. Minimal competition – Established yet dull ideas often fly under the radar of most entrepreneurs, keeping competition lower.

4. Scalability – Mundane tasks lend themselves well to hiring employees and expanding as demand grows.

5. Recession resilience – Basic services tend to withstand economic downturns better than luxury or discretionary purchases.

6. Low overhead – With simpler operations and no need for flashy branding, overhead costs stay manageable.

7. Flexibility – Services can often be provided on clients’ timelines and adapted to meet their needs.

So while a boring business may not excite you out of bed each morning, it can generate real income thanks to essential, timeless demand for basic services. With sound operations and some passion, even a bland business can become an extremely profitable endeavor. The unglamorous path can lead to financial freedom.

15 Boring Business Ideas F0r 2023

1. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Offering accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services may sound mundane, but every business needs these services. With some training and certification, you can start an accounting services firm and provide vital support to local businesses in your area. It’s not thrilling work, but it provides steady income and you can work with a diverse range of clients.

bookkeeping pet sitting Boring Business Ideas

2. Commercial Cleaning Company

A commercial cleaning business requires minimal startup costs beyond cleaning supplies and equipment. As long as you can provide thorough, reliable cleaning services, businesses will pay for the convenience of outsourcing this tedious work. Commercial cleaning also scales well if you want to grow and hire a team.

3. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Maintaining lawns, gardens, and landscaping is hard work many homeowners dislike doing themselves. Starting a basic lawn mowing and maintenance service can be a steady summer business. Expand into landscaping services over time as your business grows. It’s repetitive work, but customers will pay to avoid the hassle.

4. IT Support and Computer Repair

With so many aspects of business and life moving online, dependable IT support is in high demand. Starting an IT support business offering services like computer troubleshooting, network installation and tech support can be a profitable endeavor. Focus on providing responsive, patient support.

5. Corporate Catering

The corporate world will always need food for meetings, events, and office lunches. A catering business allows you to prepare food in bulk and deliver it to corporate clients on schedule. While it’s not exciting work, corporate catering provides a steady stream of large, recurring orders.

6. HVAC Repair

HVAC technicians are always in demand to install, maintain, and repair heating/air systems. Gain technical training and certifications in HVAC to develop expertise. Purchase a well-stocked repair truck and offer 24/7 emergency services. Build relationships with local real estate agents to become a preferred HVAC contractor.

Join forces with an HVAC distribution center for efficient reordering of supplies. Specialize in maintenance contracts for recurring revenue.

Boring Business Ideas

7. Tax Preparation

Filing taxes is a necessary frustration that many individuals and businesses pay to outsource. Become an enrolled agent with the IRS and take tax prep courses to gain legitimacy. Market services toward small business owners and self-employed individuals. Set up a simple office to meet with local clients.

Use tax software like TurboTax to file returns accurately and efficiently. Offer year-round planning and estimated payments, not just seasonal filing.

8. Security Guard Service

Security guards provide access control and loss prevention services for corporate offices, retail stores, and residential communities. Seek state licensure and training for yourself and your guards. Run background checks when hiring team members. Bid for short-term contracts or ongoing partnerships.

Offer flexibility for evenings, weekends, and overnight shifts. Install security systems and patrol in vehicles to protect larger areas.

9. Junk Removal

Junk removal provides cathartic home and office decluttering. Start with just a truck and dumpster access, then expand your fleet over time. Build your customer base through word-of-mouth referrals and partnerships with realtors and contractors.

Offer competitive flat-fee pricing. Provide add-ons like heating or recycling items, and packing services for moves. Explore franchising for national brand power.

10. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting capitalizes on busy pet owners needing care while away. Offer at-home pet sitting with drop-in or overnight visits. Stand out with bonding time, administering medication if needed, and sharing visit recaps. Build trust as a pet lover, not just a service provider.

Offer dog walking and pet taxi services for additional income streams. Pursue credentials from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to add credibility.

pet sitting Boring Business Ideas

11. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide skilled administrative support to clients remotely. Market core services like email management, data entry, appointment scheduling, writing, and social media upkeep. Communicate professionally and tailor services to each client’s needs.

Join the International Virtual Assistants Association for continuing education and community. Consider specializing in an industry like real estate, legal services, or medical clinics.

12. Document Shredding Services

Paper documents containing sensitive information still need proper destruction. Offer secure shredding services to offices for old files and records storage. Get a bonded, trained team and shredder trucks to destroy onsite or transport to a facility.

Obtain NAID certification to prove you follow best practices. Provide one-time and ongoing shredding for legal, medical, financial and other regulated industries. Expand into e-waste destruction as demand for paper shredding decreases.

13. Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Businesses from hotels to salons require laundry and dry cleaning at scale. Start by focusing on a niche like restaurant napkins and tablecloths. Offer cost-efficient bulk processing and quick turnarounds. Cater to convenience with drop-off and delivery.

Keep equipment maintained and obtain required permits for chemical handling. Partner with uniform rental companies for steady bulk orders. Expand into on-demand laundry mobile apps for consumers.

14. Pest Control

Pest control provides extermination and prevention of common household and commercial pests. Gain state licensing and training on integrated pest management techniques. Purchase basic equipment like sprayers, traps, and protective gear.

Market services for one-time infestations and regular prevention. Offer specific solutions for different species like termites, rodents, and bed bugs. Expand by serving businesses like restaurants and hotels.

15. Plumbing Services

Qualified plumbers who can fix and install water systems are always needed. Get technical training in plumbing repair for water heaters, pipes, toilets, sinks, and more. Invest in a well-stocked plumbing van. Provide 24/7 emergency services alongside scheduled maintenance and installations.

Build relationships with hardware stores, realtors, and contractors to be a preferred plumber. Offer discounts for seniors and bundled HVAC specials.


Starting a mundane business in 2023 doesn’t have to be boring or dull. Basic services and support will always be in steady demand. With some business acumen and customer service skills, a boring business idea can actually lead to an exciting and successful company.

Focus on the fundamentals, provide quality service, and don’t underestimate the potential of boring when choosing your next business idea this year. Check out here for more amazing and great business ideas.