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9 things to Avoid if You Want to Become Rich

9 things to Avoid if You Want to Become Rich

things to Avoid if You Want to Become Rich

Getting money or financial freedom is not about education, degree or wealthy parents, but its a game of experiences and mindset. Most people blame their city, boss, school system, parents, industry, economic system or country for not becoming rich in their life.

The situation will do nothing if you are not prepared mentally and internally for sacrifices and challenges because nothing great is easy in this life, according to the Gary Vee. Money, ideas, or trends don’t make you rich if you can’t make yourself rich. So in this blog post, I am going to share with you 9 things that to avoid if you want to get more money and happiness in life.

9 Hurdles in the way of  becoming rich;

1.Public Judgment and opinion

You, only know about you and your real value. So what people say don’t matter. But in reality, most think if they failed, so what others will say or think of them.

What other will say about us, is our greatest hurdle in the way of doing something great. People stay worried their whole life that how other people will interpret them and their life. Some people give so much value to other people saying that they don’t take any action in their whole life. Friends, family, relatives, teachers, co-workers, Street Uncles etc, all people in around will always come with the sound, don’t to do it or you will fail.

The world is full of all kind of people and they will say things according to their life experiences. But it’s your life and you know well how to take the next step towards progress and happiness. There is nothing wrong in failing only just learning and doing it again.

2. Excuses and Blaming

If you want to become rich then you have to stay away from excuses and blaming. Just making yourself happy with the present bad broken-condition and making justification to deceive your self, is the road of losers. But actually, you feel sorry for yourself when you are alone.

When you see over big buildings or business brands, and successful people then you feel hate for yourself. You always wanted all this but you find excuses and don’t want to break out of your comfort zone because you are scared of change.

You need to change your mindset and instead of looking at what I can’t do, look within yourself, and think about what great I can possibly do. Just find the reason for your actions and then make things happen for you. In this life making excuses don’t make money and people making money don’t make excuses, that’s simple.  Excuses don’t bring anything but action can change the situation and future.

3. Keeping World happy

If you are in a mission to keep everyone happy in this world then you are in the wrong way. This world is full of people of different mentalities, experiences, and backgrounds. One will say one thing and others have a different opinion about the same situation. Everyone’s opinion is not right and so in this one life, you can’t make everyone happy with your actions and choices.

You just need to think and care for your own shit and life. You need to care about your own happiness and results. If you are happy with your own life, then it’s possible that you will keep the world happy to some extent. But if you can’t make your own life happy and great, it’s impossible that you will make other people happy.

You need to focus on you. If you try to please everyone then in the end no one will be happy and no progress and results in your life. But keep yourself happy and bring great results in life and the world will go after you. So you need to focus on you, not the outside world.

4. Habit comfort zone

For a change in life, you have to change decisions and choices. Change results are only possible with changing actions and mentality. You have to go out of your comfort zone and make self uncomfortable doing and facing challenges things and services.

There is an old saying, ”no pain no gain”. Most people don’t make money and bring great results because they are afraid of change and don’t want to leave the circle of their comfort zone.

5. Fear

Fear of failing and risk keeps you away from real heart actions and achievements. If I started it doesn’t work out, what if I failed, what will people say. If I lost my money and home, my life will be difficult. But just reverse engineer the mindset and think what if I win.

What if I make it? Keeping of doing mentality and you will see and experiences great things. achieving mentality will brig the results to change and be realistic.

6. Negativity & jealousy

Most people look over other people lives and stay sad and worry because they are not getting things while what others have. But the fact is here that don’t compare your life with others. All people are born for a special purpose and you too. People are getting what they are doing, that the simple formula.

So, Instead of looking at other people’s lives, just look at your own life and then focus on your own talent and purpose. You will feel happy and will change the results of your actions.

Just feeling sorry for yourself while others having success and wanting bad for the person has a really bad impact on the mind and creativity. people get what they work for.

So you need to work and create and not hate. jealousy brings nothing but burns your inside peace. You don’t worry about what others are getting, you need to worry about your actions and the result will change in return. Use the people’s success for yourself as motivation and not as fire for your inner happiness and creativity.

7. Ego

Ego is bad for business. Ego stops you from real actions and achievements. Its stops you from learning and so no more progress which builds hate for others and it creates negativity.

The ego, I know everything, I am the best, I brand is bigger, I will not attend this seminar because I am greater than this speaker, I have done this and that, I don’t need to learn from this person blah blah blah… Life is the name of continuous change. When you stop changing and learning, you stop growing which is equal to suicide.

8. No New Learning

Things are continuously changing in life. So you have to keep yourself updated with time and age. New learning creates new ideas which lead to the growth of business and prosperity.

9. No Self Responsibility

Just putting fingers at others and having no self-responsibility is the greatest cause of your losing your life. We will win when we are fully responsible for our self and our actions. The great thing comes from great actions and risk-taking. Your life and your choices are your responsibility whether it’s bad or good.

You have 24 hours in like everyone, you need to focus and spend time in result in generating actions and stop blaming your conditions at others.

All of the above habits and things will push you away from the destination of happiness. If you want to become rich, then self-responsibility and continuous learning and growth are the fundamental tips that you have to keep in mind.